Summer Tanager


The Summer Tanager is the only completely red bird in North America. According to ABC Birds, “this chunky, thick-billed songbird is surprisingly difficult to spot in the treetops, but it can be easily detected by its burry song and chuckling call notes.” It loves to eat stinging insects like bees and wasps, hence its nickname “Bee Bird.” The Summer Tanager darts snatches bees or wasps in mid-air, then subdues them by beating them against a branch, then removes the stinger, and feasts!


Blank 5"x5" card with original artGreat gift purchase!!! All purchases come with a hand-written note on original Gelli print art card as well as a button of the bird! No two cards the same. Please add gift message to checkout notes (or request to leave blank) along with preferred card colors. 


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