Ruby-Crowned Kinglet


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The Ruby-crowned Kinglet is a diminutive dynamo, embodying the essence of vitality in its tiny frame. While its appearance may initially seem unassuming, akin to the muted tones of olive-green and gray that cloak its petite figure, a deeper observation unveils a creature teeming with surprises.

Particularly striking is the male’s occasional reveal of a crimson coronet, a fleeting glimpse of fiery brilliance that punctuates moments of excitement or agitation. The absence of this scarlet flourish in females adds an intriguing dimension to their shared visage. While kinship may be found with species such as the Golden-crowned Kinglet and the Hutton’s Vireo (coming soon!), it is the Ruby-crowned Kinglet’s unrivaled dedication to motion that sets it apart, a testament to its irrepressible spirit.

This bright orange background matches the infectious energy of his flitting and darting in a perpetual flurry of activity.

Original, hand-painted paper collage on 8″ x 8″ x 0.63″  wood board.


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