Chestnut-naped Antpitta


The plump shape of the Chestnut-naped antpitta makes a true borb. I painted the slaty gray belly on top of a sheet of reddish/brown hued hand-painted Gelli print paper. I thoroughly enjoyed focusing on painting the details of the eye which has a light grey patch around it as well as a whitish ring around the pupil.


The Chestnut-naped antpitta lives in the subtropical or tropical moist montane forests of Colombia, Ecuador, and far northwestern Peru.

These extremely elusive and shy remain hidden on or near the forest floor at elevations between 2,000 to 3,000 meters. In certain reserves in Colombia and Ecuador, these large, shy, long-legged borbs have been trained to eat worms from people’s hands. I would love to see one on in person.

While the original sold quickly, these 12-color fine art prints on archival paper show the texture of the original collaged papers with remarkable depth. Blank 5"x5" card with original art

Great gift purchase!!! All purchases come with a hand-written note on original Gelli print art card as well as a button of the bird! No two cards the same. Please add gift message to checkout notes (or request to leave blank) along with preferred card colors. 


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